Help us to purchase vital equipment to save animals and plants in the wild:

Motion-sensor cameras are a non-invasive way to study animals in nature, and help us learn about lemurs in Madagascar, leaf monkeys in China, and other species around the globe. Field cameras are needed at $750 per set.

Drones help locate jaguars in the Amazon, California condor nests on rocky cliffs in Baja, and other endangered animals in hard to reach places. Unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) are needed at $6,000 each.

Hormone testing kits test stress or breeding readiness via fecal, urine, and salivary samples. Each kit is good for one species per year, at $2,500 each.

School groups learn hands-on scientific research techniques in the Conservation Education Lab. Fund a field trip with bus, materials and lunch for a school group at $1,500.

In our Native Plant Seed Bank, we safeguard seeds from endangered native plant species for research and restoration. You can help grow the seed bank's collection for a full month for $2,500.

Help sequence genomes of threatened and endangered species for future sustainability. Construct a genetic roadmap for animals cared for in zoos and the wild for $5,000 per species.

Want to fulfill a wish from our list?  Call 760-796-5677 or e-mail