Brigid Moran, B.S.

Senior Research Associate

Brigid Moran serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Senior Research Associate in Conservation Genetics. In this role, she performs genetics work for internal projects and collaborators, and fulfills sample requests for outside investigators who are undertaking research aligned with SDZWA's conservation mission. Her responsibilities include purification and quality control of DNA, sex determination, and sequencing for species and parentage identification.

Brigid’s research interests focus on management of vulnerable populations using genetic information. She assists with a variety of recovery projects, including California condors, burrowing owls, and San Clemente loggerhead shrikes. She is also working on using next-generation sequencing to reconstruct the diets of wild jaguars.

Brigid earned her bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, focusing on animal behavior and population genetics. Throughout her time at UC Santa Cruz, she participated in a variety of research projects, including performing field surveys of northern elephant seals and using mapping software to aid management of invasive ecology on islands. As an undergraduate, Brigid received honors for her thesis project on MHC immune system genes and mate choice in steelhead trout.