Greg Fetter

Senior Laboratory Manager

Greg Fetter serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Senior Laboratory Manager in Reproductive Sciences. He oversees the work activities in the endocrinology lab and oversees laboratory policies and procedures during research and sample testing. He also provides guidance to technicians and helps resolve challenges with sample processing and equipment operation. His duties require regular interaction with research staff and animal care managers. In addition to managing the lab, Greg develops and maintains hormonal profiles on a variety of animals in the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance collection in support of ongoing research and management efforts, and collaborates on research projects with other national and international zoological institutions. Greg also serves as SDZWA’s Radiation Safety Officer and Controlled Substances Program Manager.

Greg’s current research projects include hormone monitoring of Sumatran tiger, African lion, ocelot, jaguar, fishing cat, snow leopard, Great Indian hornbill, lowland gorilla, giraffe, black rhino, white rhino, greater one horned rhino, giant panda, African elephant, okapi, Pacific pocket mouse, badger, and bison.

Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in Geography from University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a charter member of the International Society of Wildlife Endocrinologists.