April Gorow

Senior Research Coordinator

April Gorow serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Senior Research Coordinator in Disease Investigations. In this role, she performs post-mortem necropsy examinations and writes detailed reports on birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and occasionally fish or insects from the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, or collaborative conservation projects. Necropsies are also performed on wildlife found on our two campuses, providing valuable disease surveillance of local wildlife species.

Information gleaned from April’s work helps ensure animal health and welfare. She collects formalin fixed samples, diagnostic samples, and research samples for internal use, as well as for outside scientists and museums. April created and maintains a sample database, and tracks thousands of research and museum requests. She assists in hosting our Veterinary Externships in Pathology during which fourth year veterinary students gain valuable necropsy skills. April also oversees facilities and equipment needs, and works with vendors and others to ensure continued operation of vital equipment.

April earned her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from San Diego State University. She has special expertise in designing sample archive databases and has been instrumental in the development of our Biomaterials Review Group procedures. April is an enthusiastic gardener and has demonstrated her commitment to conservation by creating a native plant garden in her front yard.