Our Community Engagement team has been working since 2005 to make San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance's scientific staff and facilities available to challenge, engage, and inspire students from middle school to college. In our state-of-the-art Conservation Education Lab and Eddy Family Outdoor Learning Lab, students, teachers, and community members have direct experience with research scientists, gain access to powerful research tools, and are involved in lessons that connect them to the science of conservation in new and exciting ways.

Our approach provides the opportunity to share a full, in-depth look at the work of conservation biology and the many fields of study that help guide conservation decision-making. Our specialized facilities offer the chance to work firsthand with the tools and techniques used in conserving endangered species. All of our programs are developmentally appropriate, relevant to real-world problems, and emphasize understanding through inquiry.

Exploring Conservation Science Field Trips

The Community Engagement team offers a 2.5 hour lab field trip program, titled Exploring Conservation Science, to interested science teachers and their classes. This program is open to all interested middle school, high school, and undergraduate classes, and includes visits to both the Beckman Center and the adjacent San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, California. For more information and to reserve a field trip, please refer to our Exploring Conservation Science site.

To add your email to our notification list when field trip registrations open, please fill out our notification form.

​​Program Contact: conservationeducation@sdzwa.org