The Native Biodiversity Corps (NBC) brings together high school students from diverse backgrounds for immersion in nature-based, social learning experiences designed to enhance their inquiry and critical thinking skills. Alongside their San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance mentors, Corps members discover and observe native wildlife, increase their interest in STEM careers, and enhance appreciation of their natural heritage and how human activities impact health and composition of local ecosystems.

Through the program, Corps members develop knowledge and passion for the native biodiversity of our region. They have opportunities to further explore topics including plant identification, interactions and relationships between native plants and animals, and ongoing local conservation efforts. To apply what they’ve learned in their own community, Corps members are tasked with designing and implementing native wildlife gardens on their home campus. With successful completion of the program, Corps members are eligible to receive a stipend. Since 2022, NBC has engaged nearly 200 high school students and implemented 14 gardens.

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