Jeffrey Lemm

Conservation Program Specialist

Jeffrey Lemm serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Conservation Program Specialist in Population Sustainability. In this role, Jeff manages the Griffin Reptile Conservation Center, a breeding center for Caribbean rock iguanas, including critically endangered Anegada iguanas and Jamaican iguanas. As a herpetologist, Jeff works to study and conserve native California reptiles and amphibians. He has studied the ecology and movement patterns of many species, including helping to develop the breeding and reintroduction program for the critically endangered mountain yellow-legged frog. Jeff has played a pivotal role in conservation programs for Caribbean iguanas in the field and long-term monitoring of reptiles and amphibians at the Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve.

Jeff is currently involved in conservation breeding of Caribbean iguanas as a genetic reservoir against catastrophic loss in the wild. This work includes collaborative research on hormone levels, gamete collection, and behavioral, dietary, and egg incubation studies. Jeff is also leading a project on the ecology, movement and health of coastal patch-nosed snakes at the Safari Park Biodiversity Reserve.

Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from San Diego State University. His professional affiliations include several herpetological Taxon Advisory Groups of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, IUCN Iguana and Monitor Lizard Specialist Groups, Biawak – Journal of the International Varanid Association, Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), and the North American Field Herping Association, for which he has served as Founder, past International Coordinator, and past President of the California Chapter. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys field herping, wildlife photography, and other outdoor activities.