San Diego Zoo Global Rushes to Provide Emergency Aid to Kenyan Sanctuary


The critically endangered hirola antelope is facing an uncertain future today, as a severe drought in northern Kenya threatens its survival. Conservationists and ecologists are concerned that the continued lack of rainfall—already taking a devastating toll on the area’s livestock and wildlife—could decimate this species, which many consider to be the most endangered antelope on the planet.

Successful Captive Breeding of the Endangered Pacific Pocket Mouse Results in Its Relocation into the Species' Historic Range

The population of Orange County, California is growing, but its newest group of residents won’t block any views of the ocean. Fifty endangered Pacific pocket mice, which make their homes underground, are about to be relocated into an area of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, part of OC Parks.

Birthday Celebration Held in Edward’s Honor

Researchers from San Diego Zoo Global and Embryo Plus South Africa performed an ovum pick-up (OPU) procedure on Nikita, a 9-year-old female southern white rhinoceros at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center, on March 6. San Diego Zoo Global researchers are perfecting OPU as a critical step in the conservation organization’s ongoing work to develop the scientific knowledge required to genetically recover the northern white rhino, a subspecies of the southern white rhino.

Study Indicates These Forest-dwelling Primates Now Face Greater Risk of Extinction

New Cub Will Allow Researchers to Study Maternal Behavior of Elusive Bear Species

Unique Genetically Diverse Population Under Threat from Mega-Fires in Australia

Birth Represents a Step Forward in San Diego Zoo Global’s Efforts to Save the Northern White Rhino—and in its Larger Mission to Save Species and End Extinction

San Diego Zoo Global has announced the successful birth of a female southern white rhino calf at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park—the conservation organization’s second rhino born following hormone-induced ovulation and artificial insemination. This calf’s birth also is a milestone, as she is the 100th southern white rhino to be born at the Safari Park.

Reintroduction Efforts Continue for Hawai‘i’s Native Crow