Ann Misuraca, B.S.

Research Coordinator

Ann Misuraca serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Research Coordinator in Biodiversity Banking. As part of the cytogenetics team, she assists in establishing fibroblast cell lines for the Frozen Zoo®.  She is also responsible for photomicrography of chromosomes from cell lines and preparing the resulting karyotypes. This serves to maintain quality control of the cell lines, as well as identify any chromosomal abnormalities. Ann finds karyotyping first time additions to the Frozen Zoo® especially exciting, as many are species never before analyzed at the chromosomal level.

Prior to her current role, Ann was a part-time employee of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. During this time she learned many of the skills she currently uses, including use of our Cytovision digital imaging system. She also worked in the zoo’s Virology Lab in the 1990’s where she studied viruses affecting black rhinos.

Ann earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. Ann has shared her knowledge of karyotyping with middle school students in an effort to ignite a passion for conservation science. In her free time she enjoys making pottery and reading.