Caitlin Barney, B.S.

Research Assistant

Caitlin Barney serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Research Assistant in Recovery Ecology.  She is based at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center, where she helps to maintain and care for endangered Hawaiian forest birds.  Her responsibilities include behavioral observations, diet preparation, and medical care, as well as aviary and facility maintenance.  She is passionate about conservation and is glad to play her part in the fight to end extinction.

Caitlin earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, with an emphasis on Wildlife and Exotics, from the University of California, Davis.  After graduating, she had the opportunity to intern with the Maui Bird Conservation Center, which sparked her interest in working with native Hawaiian forest birds.  Prior to joining the Hawaii endangered Bird Conservation Program, Caitlin spent a year in Wisconsin interning with the International Crane Foundation, where she aided with the conservation of the world’s fifteen crane species by assisting in their care, hand rearing and release.  She also interned with the Oakland Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, where she worked on animal care teams with a variety of different species, as well as assisting in educating the public about conservation through keeper chats and guided tours.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking and baking and can often be found hiking the trails or at home making a freshly baked batch of cookies.