Ian Ingram, M.S.

Conservation Technology Scientist

Ian Ingram serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Conservation Technology Scientist in Population Sustainability.  As the leader of the Conservation Technology Laboratory, he is investigating the application of general-purpose and embedded computer systems, sensors, and related technologies to the advancement of wildlife conservation goals.

Ian is currently exploring ways to use computer vision and machine learning in ongoing and nascent research projects with animals at the Safari Park, in the lab, and in the field, both to aid conservation science and activities directly and to promote public engagement with wildlife preservation efforts.  In his previous work making robots that attempt to commune with animals using their own gestural and auditory signals, Ian developed an affinity for the eastern fox squirrel, the western fence lizard, the common raven, and the rock pigeon - animals that he could find right out his back door.  Now that the animals just outside his door include the okapi, the California condor, and the ring-tailed lemur, he aims to become acquainted with the behaviors and needs of these animals too, especially since, as beings that do not thrive as well in an increasingly human-dominated world, they might need more attention.

Ian earned his bachelor's degree in Ocean Engineering and his master's degree in Ocean Acoustics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his master's degree in Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University. He has taught as an adjunct and visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pitzer College, and Harvey Mudd College. Ian's robotic artworks for wild animals have been exhibited internationally, including at the Andy Warhol Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.