Jennifer Pribble

Senior Research Coordinator

Jennifer Pribble serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Senior Research Coordinator in Recovery Ecology. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing operations at the Maui Bird Conservation Center. Her responsibilities include management of the daily activities and husbandry of several species of Hawaiian forest birds housed at the center, observations of social and reproductive behavior, artificial incubation and hand-rearing, veterinary care, and upkeep and maintenance of the facility.

Jennifer's current focus is to evaluate and continue to develop propagation of the 'alala for future reintroduction to the wild. This includes developing parent rearing and cross-fostering protocols and techniques, and maintaining the demographic balance and genetic diversity of the captive flock. The team is also focused on continuing to develop propagation of the palila and Maui parrotbill, with the goal of increasing the capacity of the captive flock and its ability to serve as an assurance population. She is also working with two new species, ‘akikiki and ‘akeke’e, to develop and improve captive propagation techniques.

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Weber State University with a minor in Botany. She has spent much of her working life working as a zoo professional and learning as much as she can about the husbandry of a wide variety of bird species. She spent 15 years at the Birmingham Zoo working as a bird care specialist for the first seven years and as Zoological Manager for the subsequent eight years.