Remi Gosselin, M.Sc.

Senior Research Associate

Remi Gosselin serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Senior Research Associate in Recovery Ecology. She is interested in utilizing animal behavior research to improve conservation breeding, reintroduction, and general management of endangered species, and to improve the welfare of all animals in human care.

Remi currently works at the Pocket Mouse Conservation Breeding Facility where she is responsible for husbandry and propagation of critically endangered Pacific pocket mice. Additionally, she conducts various behavioral ecology experiments, such as predator aversion training, to ensure the mice have the appropriate survival skills needed for reintroduction.

Remi earned her bachelor’s degree in Environment Science and Public Policy from Harvard University, where she examined the effects of stereotypic behaviors on mate choice and propagation in laboratory mice. She earned her MSc in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation from the University of Bristol and conducted her dissertation at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance's Keauhou Bird Conservation Center, where she investigated the effects of individual behaviors and enclosure type on positive welfare-indicating behaviors in ‘Alala.