Scott Daugherty

Research Associate

Scott Daugherty serves San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a Research Associate in Disease Investigations. In this role, he performs post-mortem examinations on collection animals, native wildlife, and animals from our conservation projects and partners. Scott works with our pathologists to find and document cause of death and identify potential disease processes, as well as collect samples that are vital to other teams that contribute to our conservation mission, including Reproductive Sciences, Biodiversity Banking, and Conservation Genetics. He also helps in the Histology Lab, assists in maintaining our slide archive, and aids in archiving tissues from particularly interesting cases.

Scott’s background is unique.  He was a zookeeper at both the Santa Barbara and San Diego Zoos before making the leap into pathology. This experience provides him with a slightly different viewpoint that adds context to how cases may be interpreted from a hands-on animal care perspective. When Scott is not at work, he loves being out with his kids and introducing them to the natural world and all the amazing creatures we share it with.